The DC Ohana API exposes information about various organizations in Washington, DC. Most of the organizations provide human services, but the API also includes museums, parks, libraries, hobby clubs, educators, government services, and other types of organizations. We want you to build something that will connect underprivileged residents with the help they need (food, shelter, medical care, etc.). Here are some applications that are being built on top of the DC Ohana API:

Step 1

Create an account

Step 2

Register an app

You can use the API without registering an application, but you will be limited to 60 requests per hour. By registering an application, your limit goes up to 5000 requests per hour. Once you register your app, a random API Token will automatically be generated for you, and you will need to pass that token via the "X-Api-Token" HTTP header when making API calls in order to benefit from the higher rate limit.

Step 3

Build something that matters!

If you're a Ruby developer, we a have a wrapper for you that makes interacting with the API easy.

If you need inspiration, check out this app we built on top of the API: SMC-Connect

To dig into the API, click on "/api" below to explore all the endpoints and read the documentation.

Important Notes

All API requests MUST include a valid User-Agent header. Requests with no User-Agent header will be rejected. Unless you're using our DC Ohanakapa Ruby wrapper, we request that you use the name of your application for the User-Agent header value. This allows us to contact you if there are problems.

Currently, only one app is allowed to write to the API. Please ignore non-GET endpoints until we redesign the documentation (which is being generated automatically from the code via grape-swagger and swagger-ui_rails).